Village Voice - October, 2006

Learn More about God, the Bible and Your Fellow Villagers
Come to Sunday School

 At Village we have a wonderful opportunity every week to attend Sunday School.  There are Sunday School classes for children and adults.  Adults have four classes (bible studies) to choose from:  Adult 1, Adult 2, the Couples Class, and the Pastor’s Class.

Adult 1

The Adult 1 Sunday School class has just started a new series based on the book, "Reason to Believe: A Response to Common Objections to Christianity" by R.C. Sproul.  Some of the "objections" that we will be responding to are:
"All religions are good. It doesn't matter what you believe"
"Christianity is a crutch for weak people"
"The church is full of hypocrites"
"There is no God"
"If there is a God why is there so much evil in the world?"
"Why does God allow suffering?"
The answers are not simple, especially if the challenges come from someone who has no background in faith. Each topic will be discussed on its own, so you are welcome to attend any or all of the sessions.

Adult 2 – “The Word by E-mail”

All right, now you have heard everything!  Actually, the Adult 2 Sunday Bible Study class is beginning a new lesson series, which will focus on current events in the news of the week.  These events will be considered by reading scripture and seeking to understand God’s Word for our lives in the 21st century.  Adult 2 (I have no idea why we are called that) is open to all adults.  If you are looking for a unique way to view the “news” come and help us seek God’s Word for today.  By the way, lessons are sent by e-mail each week; if you don’t have e-mail someone will call you with the subject of the lesson.

 The Couples Class

As the name suggests this class is for people that are part of a couple.  We study couple and family issues; gaining knowledge, supporting each other, and strengthening our faith through biblical readings and prayer.  The Couples Class will be hosting a snack-time extravaganza on October 22nd in the Fellowship Hall during the Sunday school hour starting at 9:45 am.  Along with the snacks we will be presenting a summary of 20 Surprisingly Simple Rules and Tools for a Great Marriage, a book we read last year, by Dr. Steve Stephens. The first rule is:  make your spouse a priority.  Join us, learn the additional 19 Rules and Tools, and have a snack.   We are finishing up the book, Amazing Grace, by Kathleen Norris and in October we will be starting a new book (title to be announced soon).  If you are interested in the Couples Class and your significant other can’t join, please join us anyway.   

Pastor’s Class

The Pastor's Class meets at 9:45 a.m. on Sunday mornings in the Pastor's office.  The class is designed to be a basic introduction to the Bible for adults.  We read Bible passages and discuss their meaning.  Questions are welcomed.  No previous Bible study is presumed or required.  If you are interested in an introduction to the Bible and the basic teachings of the Christian faith, you are invited to give the Pastor's Class a try. 

So whether you are already in a class or not, now you know your options.  Either way, be sure to take advantage of this great opportunity to find out more about God and the Word of God, and make new friends in the process.  See you at Sunday School and don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee in the fellowship hall before hand.  

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