Village Voice - May, 2006

A Special Tribute to Our Many Mothers

Crafting a tribute to mothers for this edition of the Village Voice was a bit of a challenge. Of all of the topics that one could be asked to write about, probably no other subject provokes more thought, endears more individual memories, or stirs more heartfelt emotions than that of our mothers. I considered writing about my mother, who is still doing quite well in her senior years, and what she has meant to me and my family. However, it would take a chapter in a very long and complicated book to do justice to my mother’s contributions to our family and even then I feel I would omit some important fact. More importantly, each of you could probably write your own individual motherly tribute that would at least equal, and in many instances surpass, what I would say about my mom. I will just say that my mother is a wonderful woman who has been blessed in many ways.

So instead of focusing on my mother, I want to expand this tribute to mothers who surround each of us every day. These include, but are certainly not limited to, the mothers in our neighborhoods, schools, work places, and places of worship. While they may not all be mothers in the biological sense, they are mothers in the sense that they nurture, protect, and help us create goodness in our lives.

 This tribute is for the mothers in our neighborhoods who look after our children while they are at the bus stop, walking to school, or at play. Who provide guidance to our teenagers and students, or who just lend a helping hand to another neighbor in a time of need;

 This tribute is for the mothers who enable our children to get an education. While teachers immediately come to mind, we must also include bus drivers, road crossing guards, school nurses, cafeteria workers, custodians, librarians, coaches, principals, professors, counselors, and administrators who all substitute as  “mothers” when we need them;

 This tribute is for the mothers who have now become integral to our work place. In addition to playing leading or supporting roles, these professionals bring unique skills and perspectives that lead to invaluable contributions in the work place. Regardless of the situation, they find a way to maintain a positive attitude that enhances and enriches our work environment;

 This tribute is for the mothers in our churches and places of worship.  For those who lead and contribute to Sunday School teachings, music services, dance ensembles, worship programs, missions, deaconess activities, community outreach, Bible School Studies, financial stability, spiritual well being, youth activities, nursery care, charitable works, weekly and monthly gatherings, church publications, and special outings, the church thrives because of you; and,

 Finally, this tribute is for those mothers who make our houses a home, who provide us with love, humor, and support. Whether you have a dozen children or whether you have taken us under your wings in a figurative sense, we thank you, we love you, and we honor you not only on Mother’s Day, but on every day of the year. May God continue to bless you as you have blessed us with your lives, love, and warm memories.

 By Ron Moultrie

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