Village Baptist Church Podcasts

Linked here are some MP3 files from recent Village Baptist Church worship services.  The files include the special music, scripture reading, sermon, closing hymn, and postlude.  Click HERE for some podcasts of special services such as music programs.

April 13, 2014 (late service), (36 MB) Cantata: "Wondrous Love" 

June 8, 2014, (37 MB) Sermon: "Pentecost Power" 

June 9, 2014, (49 MB) Celebration Singers Concert

June 15, 2014, (23 MB) Sermon: "My Father's House" 

June 22, 2014, (40 MB) Sermon: "Sharing in the Gospel," with Guest Elizabeth Samandi 

June 29, 2014, (31 MB) Sermon: "When I Grow Up," also Guests Seabrook SDA Church Sanctuary Choir 

July 6, 2014, (23 MB)

July 13, 2014, (29 MB) Sermon: "Worship the Lord"

July 20, 2014, (36 MB) Sermon by Rev. Dr. Henry Mugabe: "Zacchaeus: A Saint?"

July 27, 2014, (39 MB) Sermon: "Justice and Kindness"

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