Village Baptist Church Podcasts

Linked here are some MP3 files from recent Village Baptist Church worship services.  The files include the special music, scripture reading, sermon, closing hymn, and postlude.  Click HERE for some podcasts of special services such as music programs.

June 26, 2016, (44 MB) Guest Preacher Rev. Dr. Otniel Bunciu, Providence Baptist Church, Bucharest, Romania. Sermon: "Moving from 'How It Is' to 'As If'"

July 3, 2016, (27 MB)

July 10, 2016, (27 MB) Sermon: "The Greatest Gift"

July 17, 2016, (34 MB) Sermon: "Justice and Peace"

July 24, 2016, (26 MB) Sermon: "By Faith"

July 31, 2016, (24 MB) Sermon: "Crashing Without Burning"

Aug. 7, 2016, (24 MB) Sermon: "A Test of Faith"

Aug. 14, 2016, (31 MB) Sermon: "The Promised Land"

Aug. 21, 2016, (29 MB) Sermon: "When Bad Things Are Done by Good People"

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